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During the last three years there were over fifteen thousand crashes on the country’s roads. 25% involved a business driver which in many cases have catastrophic consequences  for companies and organisations.

car crash picThere are an estimated 3 million company cars on British roads. Approximately 1 in 3 road crashes involve a vehicle being driven for work purposes. Every day 3 people involved in these crashes are killed. Every week around 200 road deaths and injuries involve someone driving for business reasons.

Around 300 people are killed each year as a result of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. 40% of crashes related to tiredness involve company vehicle drivers.

Work related road accidents are the biggest cause of work related accidental death. Almost 1000 people are killed each year in work related driving accidents compared to 250fatalities in all other work related accidents.

These are all cold statistics, but imagine this……………..

Emergency servJack is the star salesman in your company; a key employee and a popular member of staff. He was a laugh at the Christmas party. He produces a high percentage of the company turnover, has a lot of clients and has a number of meetings arranged during this month which will clinch a couple of vital contracts.

You have just been told that Jack has been in a car accident on the way to one of the meetings. He has collided with another car; a woman, a mother taking her two children to school. Jack is dead along with one of the children. The woman is seriously injured. This is a catastrophic event for your company and two immediate families.

For you it’s about to get worse. You are about to find out about your legal responsibilities.

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    Having not driven for ten years, I had completely lost my confidence. I found Sandy to be patient, reassuring and extremely professional and he supported me to get driving again far more quickly than I would have ever imagined. I also liked the fact that he left it up to me to decide how many lessons I felt I needed: there was no pressure to have any more lessons than was strictly necessary, unlike with some other companies.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sandy and, in fact, I already have!

    Alison Moore : Drive confident pupil


    Sandy is an excellent instructor I passed with only 23 hours behind the wheel with no former experience. He is laid back and I felt at ease straight away, instead of being critical he really helps iron out driving problems. I have recommended him to everybody that I have heard is having driving lessons. I think he’s great!

    Simon Lawless : Student


    I had been through a couple of driving schools and had been very unhappy with their service as I felt they were just interested in the money. When I registered with Sandy he was very upfront with me and told me what to do and what not to do. He took me straight through what was needed in a friendly and very helpful way and within three months I had both passed my theory and practical test. My exact words to Sandy were “I would recommend you to all my family and friends”. And that is exactly what I intend to do.

    Gloria Wilson-Andoh